Prime Yourself for Success: Personal Budgets

When people think of budgets they often think of constraint. To them a budget limits your spending and thus your diminishes enjoyment of life. While it’s true a budget may curve your spending habits it is actually an enabler that allows you to take control your finances. by Read More »

Could You Retire by 40 or in Ten Years?

I often like to play out different scenarios with my finances. It’s sort of the equivalent to day dreaming for me, where I can choose a different life and try to imagine the details how it would feel. One day I’m living the material high-life by spending all my hard earned money, the next I’m clipping coupons and sleeping in ... Read More »

Saving for your First Home

The average home in Canada currently cost approximately $400,000 and has been climbing steadily for the last decade. Some analysts believe the country is on the verge of a housing market correction which would see increases in house values tapper off or even decline. by Read More »


TFSA vs RSP In 2009 the CRA introduced the Tax-Free Savings Account to encourage Canadians to save. It really is a nice perk that allows a tax payer to shelter gains from taxes on investments held within the account. As of 2014 the total contribution limit to the TFSA is $31,000. The dilemma for many Canadians is how to use ... Read More »

June 2014 Progress Report

Progress Report – June 2014 I’ve always been interested in tracking my income and expenses since I graduated from university. As with most university students it took a couple of years before I was worth more alive than dead (and I had help paying for university!). A lot of people don’t bother tracking income or expenses and are fine knowing ... Read More »

The Journey Starts Here…

Hey everyone, This is the first post for The Wealth Brick Road! The purpose of this blog is to provide free personal finance information and to hold myself accountable for my own financial goals. by Read More »