January 2015 Hibernation Net Worth Update


January can be a downright depressing month. The days are horribly short – I leave for work it’s dark; I get home, dark again. Some days I feel like I’m living in a Tim Burton movie! However, despite the short days and ruthless, bitter cold, I find a whole lotta sunshine and warmth in the fact I spent next to ... Read More »

Why Target Canada Missed the Mark

Missed Target

In January 2015 Target Canada announced it had filed for bankruptcy court protection and would be closing all 133 stores in the country. The U.S. corporation opened its Canadian stores in 2013 but barely lasted two years before it folded up shop, leaving over 17,000 Canadians out of a job. To put that number in perspective consider Canada’s total job ... Read More »

Simple Tax Goodies for Parents


Don’t get too excited here people but RRSP season (see previous post) is about to give way to full blown personal tax season. As a professional tax preparer, I know firsthand that tax savings aren’t just for the incredible wealthy and/or the self-employed. Here a simple few ways all parents can keep the CRA out of their pockets (or not ... Read More »

Finding it Hard to Save? Here’s How to Start Today

save save save

If you find your best intentions to save are not helping your piggy bank, you’re not alone. Consider that in the latest 2012 Stats Canada census the average Canadian household earned $74,540 and spent $75,443. That means instead of putting money aside, on average, we drove ourselves $1k deeper into debt! An interesting additional stat published by CIBC revealed that ... Read More »

2014 Net Worth Update and 2015 Preview

I could pee on this

Annnnnnnnd we’re back! As some of you may (or may not) have noticed I took a two week break from contributing to the blog over the holidays. Sometimes it’s best to take a break and come back stronger. I ate, drank, slept and repeated many times over the two weeks, which is the ideal holiday for me! Now back to ... Read More »

2015 Personal Finance Goooooooals

2014 was a good year in regards to net worth with a 50% annual increase. While 50% appears like a crazy high increase, it’s partially due to having a relatively low starting point! Half of my net worth increase was due to debt repayment (line of credit and mortgage) with the other half being attributed to savings contributions and market ... Read More »

Top Tips for the Every Day RRSP Investor


Well it’s official folks – the major financial institutions have decided on our collective behalf that RRSP season is upon us. If you and your spouse don’t slip into RBC sometime soon (say before March 1) to drop an unplanned lump sum into the latest can’t miss investment – well then you just don’t get it (read: sarcasm) and clearly ... Read More »

Salary Negotiation: 3 Steps to Get Your Next Raise

Salary negotiation, raise

Perhaps one of the quickest ways to increase your earning potential is to receive a raise at your current job. The process of negotiating a pay increase can be awkward for the best of employees, but by failing to speak up you could be leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars in life time earnings on the table. WOMEN, SPEAK UP! ... Read More »

Makin’ it Rain in the Cold November Rain: Net Worth Update

november rain

Below is my net worth update as at November 30, 2014. All’n’all it was a good month as the markets continued to rebound a bit and I increased my cash from last month with some side hustles. The big decision over the next few years is whether it’s more beneficial to pay down the mortgage, or continue to top up ... Read More »

Extreme Frugality: Retirement by Age 30-Something

Retired Batman

Prior to starting my own blog earlier this year I closely followed the Mr. Money Mustache blog. The blog is written by a 30-something year old, Canadian born dude living in Colorado. He and his wife quit their jobs and retired at the age of 30 to raise a family by cutting their household expenses by up to 50% using ... Read More »