REIT Index Funds

real estate reits

Looking to get into the real estate game but lack the funds to get started? No biggie, real estate income trusts (REIT) index funds may be your next best option! Real estate has long been an attractive investment options for many individuals. Most people “accidentally” become involved in this type of investment when they purchase their first house as a ... Read More »

March Madness 2015 Net Worth Update, Baby!

march madness

March Madness 2015 Net Worth Update March was a fantastic month for college basketball and my net worth! However, for my net worth it was primarily due to two one-time items that likely won’t be happening again any time soon: Tax Refund – I got back a big chunk of change from my income tax refund, due to some hefty ... Read More »

ABCs of Life Insurance – Part Two

life insurance part 2

Based on the vigorous comment and debate brought on by the Part 1 post, it’s pretty obvious the people are clamoring for more…life insurance, so here goes with round two. The aim of this post is to assist in sourcing a life insurance policy. A quick recap of Part 1 to set the stage: life insurance is a must, generally ... Read More »

Wealth – The Happiness Illusion?

happiness illusion

Since the beginning of this blog I’ve ranted about my ultimate goal of financial independence, which I define as having enough wealth to sustain my lifestyle without working. In some way or form I think most people strive for this as well and commonly refer to it as “retirement”. Here’s how the equation looks: Lots of Money = Retirement = ... Read More »

Personal Financial Tips for Money Managers of all Ages

money manager

Keeping your finances in order is a lifelong pursuit, requiring perseverance and discipline. From the early days of building your credit rating with introductory credit cards, to retirement planning for your golden years; successful money managers lean on proven financial strategies. Your path to financial independence/security includes consistency, but there are important things to do at each stage of your ... Read More »

Six Overlooked Tax Deductions/Credits


Every March 1st I look forward to filing my tax return right away (…I don’t get out much). While CRA tax returns aren’t due until April 30th (June 15th for anyone with self-employment income, however, the tax is still due April 30th if you owe) it’s a good idea to at least start accumulating receipts and other docs to ensure ... Read More »

February Net Worth Update – It’s Freakin’ Cold Out!

February update

I’m not usually one to chit-chat about the weather but this cold in Canada has even got me making small talk with strangers! Now that March is here I feel like the end of the deep freeze is in sight and I’ll be sipping beers on the deck in no time. Lent started last month (for all you god-fearin’ folk ... Read More »

ABC’s of Life Insurance


With marriage and children in the not too distant future, I thought I’d get selfish for a moment and dig into the world of life insurance. Keeping with the theme of previous posts, I’ve kept to the basics. Let’s start with the “when.” Keeping in mind life insurance is about providing for dependents in the case of premature death, typical ... Read More »

Why It’s Unlikely You Will Make Money In Binary Options


Binary options, for those who still have no clue what it means, is the newest trend in the global financial markets. This type of trading puts the “investor” (speculator) in an all-or-nothing position, whereby they are rewarded only if their binary option stock hits a certain value. Binary options is based on a simple trading concept that appeals to many ... Read More »

The Wealth Test – How Do You Measure Up?

Measuring up

I update readers each month on my personal wealth, but I’m sure many readers would be much more interested in how they’re doing. Often the problem in assessing our wealth situation is we can’t help but to compare ourselves to others – to drive that point home, consider the most popular posts on this blog are my personal wealth updates. ... Read More »