How to Make Money With a Blog

How to Make Money With a Blog

Have you ever fantasized about running your own blog? Have you ever wondered how to make money with a blog?

Since starting The Wealth Brick Road blog almost a year ago I’ve gained insight into the world of blogging and felt I had enough content to share at this point.


There are countless ways to earn money with your own website or blog, but at the end of the day what it mainly boils down to is TRAFFIC.

Just like any physical store it’s all about location and the number of potential customers that view your product (think of a hot dog stand right outside a busy stadium). However, in the world of blogs  building your viewership requires more than ideal placement at a busy intersection.

There are countless ways to build traffic but here are my top three suggestions:

  • Guest Posting: The best way to get your name out there to your target audience is to guest post on similar blogs/websites that already have an established reader base. It’s important you provide some of your best content for guest posts to put your best foot forward to readers. The blog hosting your guest post gets the benefit of great content on their site, and you gain exposure – it’s a win-win!
  • Social Media: When I first started the blog I heavily relied on my personal Facebook account to get the word out about my blog. Initially, it provided some traffic, but I found the interest faded as most of these people went to the site because they knew me, rather than my actual blog topic or content. You should build a separate page and accounts for your blog on all the major social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Google +) and start to build contacts that are interested in your blog topic. Doing so helps to build your community with an audience that is interested in your subject matter. Once you find your target audience and begin to build a relationship you’ll start to gain momentum quickly.
  • Keywords & SEO: This is an area I only recently started to explore with my blog. The main idea here is to build your website relevancy with various search engines so your content ends up in front of people when they search for related topics. There are a lot of way to do so (some of which are a little shady) but using specific keywords in your content that people are searching for on a regular basis is the surest way. For example, before writing this post I researched keywords that people were using when searching for ways to make many from a blog. Turns out quite a few people were searching “how to make many with a blog” – hence the title of this article!


I’ve heard the above phrase tossed out there a lot over my past year of blogging. It’s true you want to have amazing content that is relevant and helpful to your viewers, that’s what will ultimately keep them coming back. However, after scouring countless blogs I’ve noticed that some of the blogs with the highest traffic don’t necessarily have the strongest content.

Think of the hot dog stand again, what if it were to switch locations from outside the stadium to a remote island? Right, it would be hot dog business suicide!

I would argue marketing is just as important as content when building traffic.


Once you’ve established your traffic base you can start to explore methods to monetize your blog. Careful, there is a fine line between selling, and selling out.

Whatever you promote or sell on your website you want to make sure it’s actually USEFUL to your reader. You also don’t want to water down your content by throwing in a ton of sales pitches.

Again, there’s lot of ways to earn money with a blog but here are a few of the avenues I’ve experienced:

  • Adsense: Ahhhhh, yes, Adsense…That little advertisement you can never escape (see right side of this website!). This is a Google run advertisement that pays you a buck or two every time someone comes to your website and clicks on it. Statistically speaking, this revenue amount will likely amount to peanuts unless you have a couple hundred thousand people coming to your website. Anyone can sign up for an Adsense account with relative ease, so it’s a good starting point to learn about earning with a blog.
  • Affiliate Income: Everyday billions of people are searching the internet for products to buy. More and more of these products are being bought directly online through vendor websites such as Amazon. These vendor websites pay A LOT of money in commissions to anyone who can direct buyers to their websites – this is known as affiliate marketing. By using your website to direct potential buyers to products they ultimately buy, you can earn commissions off those sales. These commissions range from 4% to as high as 70% for some products. If you’re interested in how to make money with a blog and ready to take the next step I highly suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate. (yes, this is an affiliate link! But I can speak to the value of this product because I’ve used it!)
  • Paid Posts: Often I’m contacted by outside writers about posting on The Wealth Brick Road in exchange for money. Often these writers are looking to promote their own blog, or perhaps looking to build backlinks (an SEO strategy). So long as the post is solid and will be useful to my readers I’ll consider posting. However, it’s important that you maintain the integrity of your blog and not post any old garbage that comes your way.


If you’re serious about earning money with a blog you need to treat it like a business, which I’ve found can sometimes make the process less enjoyable. It’s important you’re passionate about your topic, otherwise it’s easy to become burned out and quit.

If you’re in the blogging game strictly for the money, get out, you can make money a lot faster cutting lawns! However, it can be a great learning process, a lot of fun and a rewarding experience for those that stick to it. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions

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  1. Hey Jonny. Excellent post. I really appreciate all of the knowledge you just provided in your post. That was a powerful line about selling and selling out. I have recently started a cooking blog and I’m looking to get some more traffic. Do you have any suggestions for me in terms of how to generate more traffic? Thanks for your response and keep up the good work!

    • Jonny

      Hey William – the thing about traffic is to build consistent hits it usually just takes time, but there are some things you can do to speed it up.
      I wrote about using keywords in your articles, which will over the long run be your best way to cash in on SEO. Guest posting is an excellent way to speed up your traffic strength. If you manage to guest post on a site with a lot of traffic you’ll see a massive uptick in your traffic over the next few days, and hopefully a few of those readers will consistently hit up your site.
      Really enjoyed checking out your cooking site – it had me drooling on my keyboard…more so than usual!

  2. Hi Jonny,

    Great post page well set up and a interesting read loved it
    lorraine recently posted…Essential Tools for Successful Affiliate MarketingMy Profile

  3. I started building a website about a year ago as well and my main strategy for building traffic is through targeted keywords & SEO. As you mentioned above, your experiences with getting exposure through Facebook started off strong but faded out quickly. Building a site up over time based off high traffic, low-competition keywords for each post/page can actually do the opposite and make your website rankings much, much stronger over time.

    If I used my personal social media accounts for promoting my site, I’d feel like I’m spamming my friends as well. Most of them won’t necessarily be in my target market. I have, however, come across a social media platform that seems to be helpful for most blogs, which is Google+. You can create circles and join groups that are actually interested in your blog’s topics.

    I also agree that content is king, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t need to be a professional writer to make money through a blog. All you need to do is connect with people by providing valuable information in a friendly manner. One of the best things to do for your website is to publish quality content on a consistent basis. Not only will your readership like this, but Google will reward you when your site is growing, active, and trustworthy.

  4. Hey Jonny,

    What a great post. I’m a snowboarder looking to start my own blog to help beginner freestyle snowboarders get better quickly, help choose equipment and learn new tricks while having fun.

    I naturally went through this article as it would be amazing to eventually make money off of it, like you are doing. I never considered social media as a channel that would help generate an income. I’ve initially been focussing on low competition keywords. What social media accounts do you think it’s worth me opening? Also, what do you tend to post there? Just every new post that you publish to your site to let your fans know?

    This article has really helped me out.


    • Jonny

      Hey Olie,

      I don’t focus too much on social media, but I do have a Twitter, Facebook and Google + account.
      Typically, I update those sites with my newest posts and interact a bit with other bloggers/followers. I don’t spend too much time other than that because, like you, I focus more on low competition keywords.
      Monetizing a blog typically takes a long time, so it’s important you’re passionate about your topic to keep you going.
      Thanks for checking out the blog, I’ll be sure to head over and check out what you’re up to on yours.

  5. Thanks for the article. As a fellow blogger, it is essential to build relationships with other blogs and bloggers.

    One additional way to get traffic to your site is to guest comment. This can be like a mini guest post. If you provide solid information in a comment, people will be interested in your website. Yes, you won’t get a huge increase in traffic, but you will start to see a small uptick in traffic week over week.

    It is fun also reading other people’s articles and posts to get ideas for yourself!

    Have a great day!
    Erik recently posted…Closing on a House and Moving InMy Profile

    • Jonny

      Hey Erik,

      Commenting is a great way to pay it forward and support other blogs.
      Personally, it’s always a great encouragement to see that others have taken the time to read my post and respond.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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