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Are you following these tips to build financial health in 2016?

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Contributed By- Amy Nickson What financial steps should you take in 2016 to start out on the right foot? Take a glance at the previous year and assess any financial mistakes you’ve committed. Hindsight is 20-20, but learning from earlier errors is extremely important. Here are the 9 tips to improve your personal financial health in 2016.   Be intelligent ... Read More »

How Little Could You Live Off?

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Extreme frugality is a force to be reckoned with. Those welding it can quickly amass a small fortune in a short period of time and enjoy an early retirement. However, for many frugality is not a choice, it’s a necessity. Consider the minimum wage in Ontario, Canada is $11.00 per hour. Assuming someone earning minimum wage works 35 hours a ... Read More »

Job Salary Negotiation

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The quickest way to increase your earning potential is to ask for a pay increase at your current job, or negotiating your salary at a new job you’re starting. Sounds like a pretty easy get rich fix, right? The truth is most people are completely terrified to ask for a raise and often take whatever is given to them by ... Read More »

Family Financial Planning Tips

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You may not know it, but every year you’re losing thousands of dollars. An excellent way to put this money back in your pocket is by making smart choices in selecting financial products and services. I’ll sheepishly admit I’ve flushed thousands down the drain making poor and uninformed decisions in this regard over the years. So please learn from my ... Read More »

How to Live a Debt Free Life (Part Two)

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  Photo courtesy of In an earlier post I talked about why we get into debt and the shockingly debt driven society we live in today (see earlier post). Today, I want to discuss how to avoid the debt trap as well as what to do if you’re already in over your head. Avoiding the Trap: Educate Yourself Fo’ ... Read More »

How to Live a Debt Free Life


You’ve see it all over the news, “…consumer debt is at an all-time high.” This must be bad, especially if it’s on the news. You start to wonder about the $2,000 pair of skis (even though you don’t ski) you bought last winter on your credit card and still haven’t paid off. Was it such a great idea?… “But they ... Read More »

How to Make Money With a Blog


Have you ever fantasized about running your own blog? Have you ever wondered how to make money with a blog? Since starting The Wealth Brick Road blog almost a year ago I’ve gained insight into the world of blogging and felt I had enough content to share at this point. BUILDING TRAFFIC There are countless ways to earn money with ... Read More »

How to get a Credit Card with Bad Credit

Credit Card

A quarter of US citizens had what can be considered poor or bad credit ranking in 2013 according to (FICO score below 600). If you fall into this category it can be difficult at times to find a decent credit card with good terms, or to be approved at all. How to get a Credit Card with Bad Debt ... Read More »

Wedding Budget Tips


With my wedding in the not-so-distant past, I thought I’d take a break from the nitty-gritty technical topics and offer up a few thoughts on wedding budget tips.. Avoid DEBT! First and foremost, the happy couple needs to avoid putting themselves into huge debt. In fact, I’ll gently suggest newlyweds have over spent if they carry any debt beyond their ... Read More »

How Running Can Make You Wealthy

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Recreational long distance and marathon runners are wired differently. Ask any sane person to get up and run 26.1 miles all at once and you’re likely to get a two-word response that includes a four letter adverb. These running crazies come in all shapes and sizes with different abilities, yet they all share similar traits and characteristics that enable to ... Read More »