Personal Net Worth

September 2015 Net Worth Update


Great to be back after a one month hiatus. There’s been lots going on at work and home, so writing on the blog took a back seat for a while. We’re officially 75% of the way through the year, which is an excellent time to take a look at where I stand on some of my 2015 goals. I haven’t ... Read More »

July 2015 Net Worth Update

july 2015 net worth update

In July I saw a 2.7% increase in my net worth for the month. Contributions to my tax-free investment accounts continue to be the driving force behind my net worth growth. The markets recovered a bit in July 2015 after a stinker of a month in June 2015. I’ve mentioned it multiple times, but it deserves to be said again, ... Read More »

June 2015 Net Worth Update


Last month I didn’t post a net worth update – again, I was struggling with sharing this info and unsure whether it was useful to you, the readers. Ultimately, I figured that if it’s helpful to even one reader out there it’s absolutely worthwhile. Greece Lighting My investments took a 3% dip down in market value during the month due ... Read More »

April 2015 Net Worth Update

april wine

My April net worth saw a fairly modest increase compared to the previous three months of the year. So long as the bottom line is growing, and not shrinking, I’m happy. I’m still aiming to max out my TFSA and RSP this year, however, that became a bit more challenging now that the annual TFSA contribution limit has increased from ... Read More »

March Madness 2015 Net Worth Update, Baby!

march madness

March Madness 2015 Net Worth Update March was a fantastic month for college basketball and my net worth! However, for my net worth it was primarily due to two one-time items that likely won’t be happening again any time soon: Tax Refund – I got back a big chunk of change from my income tax refund, due to some hefty ... Read More »

February Net Worth Update – It’s Freakin’ Cold Out!

February update

I’m not usually one to chit-chat about the weather but this cold in Canada has even got me making small talk with strangers! Now that March is here I feel like the end of the deep freeze is in sight and I’ll be sipping beers on the deck in no time. Lent started last month (for all you god-fearin’ folk ... Read More »

January 2015 Hibernation Net Worth Update


January can be a downright depressing month. The days are horribly short – I leave for work it’s dark; I get home, dark again. Some days I feel like I’m living in a Tim Burton movie! However, despite the short days and ruthless, bitter cold, I find a whole lotta sunshine and warmth in the fact I spent next to ... Read More »

Finding it Hard to Save? Here’s How to Start Today

save save save

If you find your best intentions to save are not helping your piggy bank, you’re not alone. Consider that in the latest 2012 Stats Canada census the average Canadian household earned $74,540 and spent $75,443. That means instead of putting money aside, on average, we drove ourselves $1k deeper into debt! An interesting additional stat published by CIBC revealed that ... Read More »

2014 Net Worth Update and 2015 Preview

I could pee on this

Annnnnnnnd we’re back! As some of you may (or may not) have noticed I took a two week break from contributing to the blog over the holidays. Sometimes it’s best to take a break and come back stronger. I ate, drank, slept and repeated many times over the two weeks, which is the ideal holiday for me! Now back to ... Read More »

2015 Personal Finance Goooooooals

2014 was a good year in regards to net worth with a 50% annual increase. While 50% appears like a crazy high increase, it’s partially due to having a relatively low starting point! Half of my net worth increase was due to debt repayment (line of credit and mortgage) with the other half being attributed to savings contributions and market ... Read More »