April 2015 Net Worth Update

April 2015 Net Worth Update

My April net worth saw a fairly modest increase compared to the previous three months of the year. So long as the bottom line is growing, and not shrinking, I’m happy.

I’m still aiming to max out my TFSA and RSP this year, however, that became a bit more challenging now that the annual TFSA contribution limit has increased from $5,500 to $10,000. Maxing out these accounts early on is beneficial because it allows for compounding growth without any tax implications. When it comes to investing fees and taxes are the leeches of growth.

Nepal Relief

This month I made a donation to the Red Cross to support to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal. I recall a few years back we had a very slight tremor here in Canada that gave me a good scare, so I can’t imagine the terror and fear all those went through during the massive earthquake. There is a great need as so many lost everything. The Canadian government has promised to 100% match all donations given to registered charities for the Nepal relief efforts. Donating was a no brainer.

There are a lot of charities out there providing assistance to Nepal, so choosing just one can be difficult. I think the worry a lot of people have with donating is ensuring their money gets to those that really need it. If you’re looking to do some further reading on the subject be sure to check out the Charity Intelligence website. This is a non-profit organization that reviews and ranks charities on a bunch of different factors; one being how much a charity actual spends on programs versus administration. I worked with Charity Intelligence a few years back and love their concept of helping donors make more informed decisions.

April Wine

Last weekend my girlfriend and I ordered a batch of wine from the local make your own wine retailer. Over the summer months we tend to meet up with family and friends more often where we often will have a bottle or two. The winery basically makes the whole batch of wine for you and then you show up, fill your own bottles and walk away with the loot. The cost works out to about $3/bottle (the missus found a great deal!) and there’s 21 bottles in a batch. We were a bit hesitant to buy a large batch without having a taste test (for some reason they don’t have any sample bottles…) but after reading a couple online reviews we pulled the trigger. Considering we often spend $12-$15 per bottle at the LCBO I have a feeling my financial taste buds could trick me to believe our u-brew wine is better. The wine should be ready in 5 weeks or so (ya, this definitely isn’t an oaked variety). I’ll keep you all posted on how it turns out.

My numbers for April are posted below. Gains in my investments were almost nominal in the month. I’m still not too sure what the markets will do for the rest of the year. There’s a lot of talk they may be inflated, but others say they could still continue to grow. The takeaway I get from that is no one really knows so I’ll keep executing my buy and hold. Since I don’t plan on accessing any of these funds for the next decade (or longer) I would be fine with a heavy drop in the markets, allowing me to purchase more investments at a lower price. Ahhh, the pearls of being a young investor.

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