2014 Net Worth Update and 2015 Preview

2014 Net Worth Update and 2015 Preview

Annnnnnnnd we’re back!

As some of you may (or may not) have noticed I took a two week break from contributing to the blog over the holidays. Sometimes it’s best to take a break and come back stronger. I ate, drank, slept and repeated many times over the two weeks, which is the ideal holiday for me!

Now back to work. The plan for the 2015 is to put out a post on this blog each week and one guest post per month. Guest posts help gain exposure for this blog and also is a good way to meet fellow bloggers. As always I love receiving feedback from readers as it helps me with deciding on content that’s relevant. So feel free to CONTACT me with questions, comments or just your everyday thoughts.

Below is an update of where I sat at the end of 2014. In a previous post in December I touched on hitting the majority of my goals for 2014, which I was happy with and I’m hoping to carry that momentum into 2015. The main focus for 2015 is to max out my registered savings accounts (RSP and TFSA) and take a bit of an extra chunk out of my mortgage.

To help out with this I plan on using some automatic payment systems where funds are immediately put to my investments the moment I get my pay cheque. This will force me to become a bit tighter with my monthly budgets. I’ll later post exactly how I have this set up (with diagrams and everything!).

I was happy with December even though I spent a ton on eating out and food. I’m completely fine with blowing the budget on this in December as food, friends and family are my priorities, but not necessarily in that order! We don’t buy each other a lot of gifts in my family any more, instead focusing on just spending time with each other. My girlfriend and I also decided together (I swear it was her idea too) to put a cap on gift spending on each other, which not only saved us money, it also took a lot of the stress off of finding the perfect gift. In the end it forced us to be a bit more creative, which was a lot of fun. Below was one of gifts that provided a good 2 minutes of side aching laughs…I never thought I ‘d be a cat person, but alas, I am…

…oh, and by the way, she did pee on the couch…

Here’s a link to my goals for 2015 which I’ll continue to update. Looking forward to an action packed 2015 with lots info and tips on nurturing wealth to improve your overall lifestyle!

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  1. Nice increase in net worth! Updated ya in our Blogger Net Worth Tracker – you moved up a spot :)


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